Our Stylists

Gina Fernicola


Founder and Owner, Gina Fernicola's clients regularly travel more than an hour to her salon for her expertise. With 20+ years of experience, Gina can boast countless accolades and certifications within the industry. She is a Master Colorist who has studied throughout NJ and NYC and has trained in Italy. Her resume is impressive, but that is not what will bring you back to her salon. Meet Gina personally. She is a color genius and stylist who will give you the experience of a renowned salon without the excessive prices and pretentiousness. You may walk in a stranger, but you will leave as a friend.

One of Gina’s many specialties is transformations. Gina realizes that clients looking for a change are often not quite sure what type of look they are seeking. Midway through a comprehensive analysis of colors and styles, clients often interrupt her and say, “Do what you think will look best, I trust you!” Whether going for a totally new look or having your hair done for the biggest day of your life, Gina has full trust from her clients. Thanks to Gina’s dedication and personalized attention, many brides enjoy Envy’s on location services for their special day. Style is the forefront of Gina’s philosophy, and she has a gift for capturing exactly what the client envisions no matter what the occasion.

Envy the Style Salon started as a vision to give clients a glamorous experience in a “real” environment. Over the past 5 years, Envy has developed into a recognized name within the community, gaining respect for delivering exactly what is promised. Additionally, Envy has become seemlessly engrained within the community. Gina is an avid contributor to the local community and sees tremendous value in getting involved in fundraising initiatives in the greater Little Falls area. From school fundraisers to sponsoring recreational sports teams, Gina is always willing to offer her services, products, and personal time. It’s just who she is.

Linda McGonigal


Master Stylist Linda McGonigal has graced Envy the Style Salon for the past five years, and her styling and coloring is nothing short of brilliant!  Also a Master Colorist with an expertise in special effects coloring, Linda’s enthusiasm for her work is enduring and passionate.  A forward-thinking artist with 20+ years of industry experience, Linda continuously refines her craft through her innovative use of multimedia resources and by attending cutting edge Master classes. Regularly, she introduces new trends and products to the staff and clientele of Envy.  With a keen eye and impeccable attention to detail, Linda has earned a tremendous and loyal following. From a meticulous clipper cut for the guys, to the most elegant special occasion hairstyles for women, Linda is always trusted to deliver perfection.

Di Crescienzo

New to Envy the Style Salon, Jennifer brings a gift and talent for making you feel relaxed. As a licensed apprentice, Jennifer is ahead of her time in terms of technique and skill. She is also quickly becoming a favorite for her mind-blowing shampoos. Clients have mentioned that her fingers are magic and have drifted off to sleep while getting shampooed. When Jennifer is not shampooing, she is busy in extensive training sessions or frequently requested for her blow outs. Her color finesse is highly instinctive and her technique exemplary. Jennifer is a welcomed addition to the team and brings a flair for creating the ‘zen’ we all need in our hectic lives!